The Master of Arts in Spanish at SLU-Madrid immerses you in Spanish culture, language and literature. We offer four main program paths: linguistics and teaching, creative writing, poetry and literature. The program consists of ten classes and a reading list. All students regardless of area of interest, take two peninsular studies, two Latin American studies and two linguistics classes. Students are free to choose the remaining four classes. The reading list is completed independently by students. Some books are touched on in class. Before graduation, students take both written and oral exams.


5 reasons to study our Master’s in Spanish


American degree at a U.S. campus in Europe
Multilingual, cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant at our campus in Madrid.


100% in Spanish

We speak Spanish from the first day to the last, in the classroom and off campus. You’ll be fully immersed in the Spanish language and culture.


An enriching environment
Tutor Spanish at our Spanish Center, participate in writing contests, speak at the Spanish Symposium and meet authors at conferences around Madrid.


Professional readiness
We prepare our students for careers in one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet.


Flexible duration

four semesters (can be modified for personal or professional reasons)

  • annual students: two years
  • summer students: four years

*Requirements: Bachelor of Arts in Spanish or equivalent with an excellent academic record.

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libros de colores
Students from the Unites States, Spain and other countries.


Students from the Unites States, Spain and other countries.

SLU-Madrid was founded more than 50 years ago.
Average class size.


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Campus Life


Madrid is a vibrant, safe city that makes a great vacation destination — and an even greater place to study. We offer students, families and educational professionals the chance to visit the SLU-Madrid campus during guided tours year-round. Our faculty will help you get situated in your new home as soon as you arrive.

Alumnos en la cafetería

«El programa de Máster de Español me ofreció una visión panorámica de la literatura hispanoamericana y la española, así como también de los estudios lingüísticos».

Carla Aparicio, M.A. in Spanish

aitor bikandi
Aitor Bkandi – Mejías

Ph.D. in Spanish Literature, M.A. in Spanish Literature and B.A. in Geography and History. Professor of Spanish Literature, Literature and Film, and Comics.



Maria Victoria

María Victoria Albornoz Vásquez

Ph.D. in Spanish, M.A. in Spanish Literature and B.A. in Literature. Professor of Contemporary Spanish American Narrative, Spanish American Short Story and Modern and Contemporary Colombian Literature.

Cristina Matute Martínez

Ph.D. in Spanish Language & Literature with a specialization in Spanish Linguistics, Certificate in Higher Education, M.A. in Spanish as a Second Language, M.A. in Education and B.A. in Spanish. Professor at SLU-Madrid of Spanish Linguistics, Dialectology and Sociolinguistics, and Second Language Acquisition.

Olga Muñoz Carrasco

Ph.D. in Spanish Language & Literature. Professor of Spanish and Latin American Poetry and Spanish Poetry and Creative Writing.


All classes are in Spanish.

You must complete 10 courses, or in other words, 30 credits.

You must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.

There is a written exam, which evaluates the contents of the reading list, whose evaluation depends on a panel of three professors.

There is an oral exam, which evaluates learning outcomes from course content, conducted in front of a panel of three professors.

You must pass the written exam to take the oral exam.

  • Spanish Literature
  • Latin American Literature
  • Linguistics and Teaching
  • Creative Writing
  • Short or extended-response objective tests (exams)
  • Assignments and projects, self-assessment systems and essays
  • Creation of teaching materials and learning portfolios
  • Discussions and oral presentations

Duration (with flexibility): four semesters (contingency)

  • Annual students: two years
  • Summer students: four years

Some possible sequences:

  • fall-spring-fall-spring
  • summer-summer-summer-summer
  • summer-fall-summer-spring-summer
Financial assistance is available. Regis 100 and Regis 50 scholarships:
  • Excellence of record at the start of the program.
Manresa Scholarship:
  • administrative, research or teaching assistance (TA in Spanish courses).
There is a continuous evaluation of the grantees.

Extend your possibilities:

  • EDUCATION (teacher; editor; continuing to a doctorate).
  • COMMUNICATIONS (journalism; translator, interpreter; entertainment).
  • BUSINESS (banking; advertising; marketing; cultural organizations).
  • GOVERNMENT (diplomat; special agent; immigration service).


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